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My Speech Today at the Tax Day T.E.A. Party Rally in Manchester, N.H.

This battle for freedom we’re involved in is young, and it is new. It took us 100 years to regress toward tyranny from the liberty our founders fought and died for, and it may take that long to restore our liberty again, or it might not happen at all if you as individuals don’t get involved and stay involved. As Ben Franklin said, We’ve given you “a Republic, if you can keep it.” This lines up well with what Wendell Phillips said some years later: “Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.” The key is to start with the State Legislature and use its authority to hold the federal government in check. And it is for this reason, with a firm reliance on the protection of my Divine Father in Heaven, that I have pledged my life, fortune and sacred honor in this battle for our lives, liberty, property, and all those essential and inherent Natural Rights that God has given to us. I hope you will join me. God Bless you and God Bless The State of New Hampshire and the United States of... read more

Rep. Manuse Testimony in favor of Amendment 2012-1595h, relative to the use of separation, or time out, as a technique for behavior guidance and treatment of children.

If you read He-C 4002.25, the rules enabled by RSA 170-E:11(i), which gives a blanket authority for HHS to write rules regarding the “discipline of children,” the rules say that child care personal must “provide positive guidance” and “positively worded directions” and cannot use “separation, or time out” as “a punitive disciplinary technique.” I understand that children can be redirected once or twice, but what happens when that doesn’t work? In my opinion, and in the opinion of most parents, I believe, the child needs punitive discipline to correct his or her behavior. To not discipline a misbehaving child in my opinion is pure lunacy. No wonder children are so misbehaved these days, and it only gets worse with age. That is why I’m presenting a non-germane amendment today before this committee, to make sure we correct these problematic rules and immediately prevent further harm to... read more

What I learned from the ALEC 2012 Spring Task Force Summit: My trip to the ALEC Conference in Charlotte, N.C., Part II

CHARLOTTE, N.C.—As a freshman attendant at the American Legislative Exchange Council Spring 2012 summit, I was assigned to the Commerce, Insurance and Economic Development Task Force, which aligns somewhat with my position on the N.H. House Commerce and Consumer Affairs Committee. We considered model legislation bills on insurance, occupational licensing, food safety and labor, several of which could have a future in New Hampshire law. Fellow N.H. Rep. Gary Daniels, who is chairman of our N.H. House Labor Committee, served as chairman of the Commerce Committee in Charlotte. Strangely, ALEC assigned health insurance legislation to a Health and Human Services Task Force, so I felt torn between the two meetings since the entire reason I joined the House Commerce Committee in New Hampshire was to address health insurance issues, particularly with Obamacare. The way things turned out, however, I was able to straddle both conferences and learn from both, and I have some interesting things to report from my experiences today. Before I get started, for those who don’t know, ALEC is a national organization of elected state legislators and private sector lobbyists who meet to advance the Jeffersonian principles of free markets, limited government, federalism and individual liberty through a series of periodic summits where members of the public-private partnership work to develop policies and model legislation for advancing these principles. I paid for ALEC membership out of pocket at the cost of $50 a year. It’s also important to note that my trip expenses to the ALEC Task Force Summit today was reimbursed by private donors, and not by taxpayers. Nevertheless, I minimized expenses for donors as mentioned in my previous post by flying down and back on the same day without a hotel night’s stay and by splitting my cab with Rep. Daniels on the way back to the airport. Besides Rep. Daniels and me, N.H. Reps. Jordan Ulery, Ken Weyler, Andy Renzullo and Kris Roberts were also in... read more

The Lobby: Rep. Manuse says DHHS abusing its authority with fed. health care law

A meeting to discuss implementation of the Affordable Care Act in New Hampshire ended with Rep. Andy Manuse charging the state Department of Health and Human Services is abusing its authority. The Joint Health Care Reform Oversight Committee heard testimony Wednesday from DHHS Deputy Medicaid Director LisaBritt Solsky that the department plans to implement an increase to PCP rates as mandated by the federal health care law, and take money from the feds to do it. Manuse, who sits on the health care committee, reacted to the news saying DHHS is going against the constitutional system of government in New Hampshire. “They’re making a policy decision to accept money to expand Medicaid when the Supreme Court ruled the Federal Government can’t force states to expand,” Manuse said. “They’re abusing their authority at the highest level.” The Supreme Court ruling allows states to decide whether to broaden the Medicaid program to include more low-to-moderate income residents. As part of its duties, the health care committee will make recommendations to lawmakers next year about the pros and cons of... read more