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My Speech Today at the Tax Day T.E.A. Party Rally in Manchester, N.H.

This battle for freedom we’re involved in is young, and it is new. It took us 100 years to regress toward tyranny from the liberty our founders fought and died for, and it may take that long to restore our liberty again, or it might not happen at all if you as individuals don’t get involved and stay involved. As Ben Franklin said, We’ve given you “a Republic, if you can keep it.” This lines up well with... read more

Rep. Manuse Testimony in favor of Amendment 2012-1595h, relative to the use of separation, or time out, as a technique for behavior guidance and treatment of children.

If you read He-C 4002.25, the rules enabled by RSA 170-E:11(i), which gives a blanket authority for HHS to write rules regarding the “discipline of children,” the rules say that child care personal must “provide positive guidance” and “positively worded directions” and cannot use “separation, or time out” as “a punitive disciplinary technique.” I understand that children can be redirected once or twice,... read more

Rep. Manuse Senate Testimony on HB 1297, relative to federal health care reform and health care exchanges

I have come before you today to introduce and support HB 1297, which would prohibit New Hampshire from implementing a state health benefit exchange under the so-called Obamacare Act, the federal “health care” overhaul enacted by Congress against popular demand in 2010. A health benefit exchange is the mechanism the federal Health and Human Services Department would use to enforce the provisions of... read more

Passive resistance at the airport: My trip to the ALEC Conference in Charlotte, N.C., Part I

CHARLOTTE, N.C.—My wife told me that I’d be subject to more scrutiny at the airport today on my way to the American Legislative Exchange Council’s (ALEC) 2012 Spring Task Force Summit in Charlotte, N.C. Because I had bought my airline tickets less than a week before the event and because I chose to fly down and return on the same day to save on hotel costs and minimize the time away from my family, she... read more

What I learned from the ALEC 2012 Spring Task Force Summit: My trip to the ALEC Conference in Charlotte, N.C., Part II

CHARLOTTE, N.C.—As a freshman attendant at the American Legislative Exchange Council Spring 2012 summit, I was assigned to the Commerce, Insurance and Economic Development Task Force, which aligns somewhat with my position on the N.H. House Commerce and Consumer Affairs Committee. We considered model legislation bills on insurance, occupational licensing, food safety and labor, several of which could have... read more

The ‘Conference’ that wasn’t: A full analysis of why CACR 12 is bad for NH

If you’re willing to accept that Claremont was correct and that the people have a fundamental right to a state-run and state-funded public education, nothing we say is going to convince you otherwise. But if, like us, you think Claremont was wrong, and you are not willing to give up the fight for educational freedom and the natural right of parents to educate their own children, then read on because we... read more

Manuse thankful for opportunity to serve the people of Derry

It has been one of my greatest honors to serve the people of Derry in the State Legislature during the past two years. I am grateful that you gave me an opportunity to be a part of one of the best legislative sessions in the state’s history and for taking me at my word that I would work full-time to bring restorative change to our great state. I tried my very best to fulfill my promise to bring jobs and... read more

Manuse-Sponsored Chick Law Encourages Small, Family Farms and Sustainable Local Foods

DERRY, N.H.—Derry Republican and State Rep. Andrew J. Manuse encourages New Hampshire families to help create a sustainable local farming and food production market by taking advantage of a new state law he sponsored, which allows citizens to buy the appropriate amount of chicks for their own backyard egg-production needs. HB 1231, effective July 22, repealed a state law that prohibited businesses from... read more

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